Little Sense

LittleSense was designed for researchers and enthusiasts who want to quickly deploy bespoke sensor network applications. The project was intended to be a foundation on which specialist applications are built. Out of the box, LittleSense provided the following features:

  • A local RaspberryPi (PI) based webserver
    • which can be deployed to a PI using an automated script
    • which will collect any data thrown at it via a serial port or the Web API
    • which can visualise data via a web interface
    • which can automatically create backups and clean log data
    • which provides a web based serial interface for debugging
  • Sensor device example code
    • for Arduino boards, written in C
    • for Adafruit boards, written in CircuitPython (a derivative of Micro-python)

LittleSense Overview

As mentioned, sensor devices can communicate with LittleSense in several ways. Devices can interact with a RESTful API over WiFI, or a radio transceiver can be connected to a serial port to provide a gateway to any radio network.