All you need to deploy a sesnsor network in minutes. LittleSense is is quick to setup, is easy to customise and utilises off-the-shelf hardware like the Raspberry Pi.

Core Technogies
  • InfluxDB
  • Flask
  • Python 3.5+
  • HTML5
Key Features
  • Quick setup and deploy
  • All the code you need
  • Simple customisation
  • Dashbaords and data visualisation
  • Minimal configuration
  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • Well documented
  • MIT Licence

LittleSense is designed specifically for researchers and enthusiasts who want to develope bespoke sensor network applications. The code in this project is intended as a foundation on which specialise applications can be build. Out of the box, LittleSense provides a local server (Raspberry Pi based), which will collect any data thrown at it from Arduino based sensor (example code provided). Sensors can communicate with LittleSense over Wifi and via other radios such as RFM69. The server also provides a web interface where users can inspect and see visualisations of the collected data.

System layout

Our ambition is to create a platform to facilitate the quick setup and customisation of sensor based systems on local networks. We are continuously improving the code base and functionality. Feature requests are always welcome, however we don't want the project to become bloated and confusing, so we may suggest creating a Fork.